BNP 48C-46r a 48r

c. 1920

1. /Weekly News-Letter to English newspapers; either entire or divided into
2 or 3 parts, with separate applicability and divided subscription.
Direct from Lisbon to the papers, and other possible
subscribers, by circulars first. Cost to range between 50/-
per year for complete letter, to 30/-; each of the letters about
20/-, if they be two, and 10/- if three. Begin at once./
2. /Weekly or fortnightly, or perhaps daily, commercial letter for the
Portuguese Market; news of foreign and (classified) of local
market. Can develop into a weekly paper. Can bear ad-
vertisements. Can begin at once, or, at any rate, after (?)./
3. Translation of catalogues, prospectures and other matter (such as
ʺcoursesʺ, e.g. Raymont). Campaign per advertisements in
general, trade and ʺclassʺ papers; by means of carefully
chosen circulars; and by certain special letters, or the
one intended for Standard Car Co., and for the several
ʺinstitutesʺ which advertise translatable “Corresp. courses” etc.
4. Obtaining of advertisements from foreign firms, specially Bri-
tish and American, for Portuguese papers, according to their
several advantages.
5. /Obtaining, or, rather inter-obtaining of agencies. Manner of charging
to be studied, but probably from the agents, must this end./
6. Preparation of propaganda of Portugal – (1) by means of ad-
vertisements in foreign papers; (2) by means of articles
and publications(not Oʼs. editions) , translated, etc.; (3) by means of special
leaflets (as in Estoril, etc) and booklets.
7.All about Portugal ”: propaganda (national & commercial) year-
8. Preparation of Six-Language Technical and Commercial Year Dictionary .
Oʼs editions, printed and prepared in Portugal. (1) Cir-
culars for subscriptions, at a reduced rate, and perhaps
even for advertisements; (2) post-cards announcing editions
to be ready. Prepare from now.
9. ʺThe Great Anthology.ʺ Preparation, as early as possible, of
full plan; then communication of it, for realizing purposes,
to some British or American enterprise. –
10. Something corresponding to that (9) in Portuguese.
11. Possibly translation of Shakespeare into Portuguese. Contracts
for Brasil, preferable perhaps to agency there.
12. Commercial Correspondence (Telegraphic) Codes — two, especially
(or even only) the large Code. Sold from O. itself. Prepa-
ration for as soon as possible. Propaganda per circulars
and advertisements, followed (possibly) by booklet.
Price as high as practicable.
13. Several lines of commercial publications, in Portuguese chiefly,
at low prices, and with insertion of advertisements.
14. Aristography, system of Shorthand. Creation of special ʺfocusesʺ
or centres, in the several countries, for its distribution.
15. Portuguese inventories, concentration, distribution and capitalization
of them. (The water-bicycle, or about it).
16. Secção commercial possivel — invenções estrangeiras: door-chain (the
common one), the tea-pot non-drip device, and other equally simple
and cheap inventions.
17. Exporters and importers lists, national and foreign; to be supplied
on a certain price per list. Foreign: obtain from ʺcloseʺ associations.
The archive I once thought of, by special circulars abroad
concerning Portuguese articles. Files, as complete as possible,
in this respect. (As a basis for the supply here, a commercial
weekly letter, or something like it, as a sort of intro-
duction, is really an asset).
18. Classification of office work and places, such as these, in a special
archive, with due developments and notes.
19. Study and organization department. Reports and studies on
the organization of companies and enterprises of several
kinds, both here and abroad. Study realization of the
O. part of the plan, both in respect to national, and to
foreign, cases.
20. /Projecto relativo ás ʺNovidadesʺ, com Celestino Soares./
21. Projecto de ʺA Semanaʺ — longo estudo com Celestino Soares.
22. Reedição de ʺOrpheuʺ.
23. ʺThe Portuguese Reviewʺ — purely hypothetical at present, and to
be considered, for a clear literary, national and business
basis may, and probably does, exist.
24. Small literary editions in English, original (mini) and translated.
25. English Continental Library. — Begin later, on some stability
26. Portuguese original editions. — Begin slowly, & from now.

Lista manuscrita.

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      • All about Portugal
      • The Great Anthology


      • Novidades Q10337952
      • Orpheu Q1351196 12089
      • The Portuguese Review