BNP 125B-53r

c. 1920

/Proving the Unprovable./
The Myth of King Sebastian.
Kings who will “return”.
Great Historical Problems (Great Men who never
King Sebastian’s endthe Birth-
place of Columbus
the Discovery of Amer-
– etc) (Masque de Fer-
Slips and Mistakes of Authors.
Poe’s Offspring
A Portuguese Prophet (Bandarra).

Australian [and] South African papers —
news etc. from Spain [and] Portugal.

Insanity in Fiction.

Lista datilografada, com acrescentos manuscritos, publicada em A Demonstração do Indemonstrável (2011, 75).

  • Names

    • Christopher Columbus
    • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Gonçalo Annes Bandarra
    • King Sebastian


    • A Portuguese Prophet (Bandarra)
    • Great Historical Problems
    • Great Men who never existed
    • Insanity in Fiction
    • King Sebastian’s end
    • Kings who will “return
    • Poe’s Offspring
    • Proving the Unprovable
    • Slips and Mistakes of Authors
    • the Birthplace of Columbus
    • the Discovery of America
    • The Myth of King Sebastian