BNP 31-95r

c. 1916-1917

1. Three Unprintable Poems.
2. Eighty Sonnets.
3. Prometheus Revinctus, and Other Poems. (1. Prometheus Revinctus; 2. Spring, 1917; 3. Poems like “What evil planet”, and the like, sober and in equilibrium.)
4. The Mad Fiddler — Poems before Sense.

(Containing all the poems that are good enough to be publish and that are neither sonnets nor so stable or intellectually lyrical as to be included in the third part of the book numbered 3).

5. What book is to include poems like “The Voyage”, “A Symphony of the South”, “An Elegy” and such like? (Leave this to be settled afterwards, if such poems are indeed worth publishing. Consider also “A Winter Day” and the other poem — whichever it is — which is the fifth one, in the old division of the long poems into two books of five, in the second of those books).
6. The Duke of Parma, A Tragedy.

(These six books sum up all English poems which it is intended to publish for the present).

Lista datilografada no verso de papel timbrado «A. Xavier Pinto & C.a | Campo das Cebolas, 43-1.º».

  • Nomes

    • Duke of Parma


    • A Symphony of the South
    • A Winter Day
    • An Elegy
    • Eighty Sonnets
    • Prometheus Revinctus
    • Spring
    • The Duke of Parma
    • The Mad Fiddler
    • The Voyage”
    • Three Unprintable Poems
    • What evil planet”