BNP 137D-32r


Financial propositions proper:

JMB, as usual.
Lhi. (and patent ones).
The Span. prop. / Pamphlet / investigate.

Patent propositions:

C. P. P. (here).
Directory (here and elsewhere).
Dictionary (here and elsewhere).
District directs. (here) (as 2).
Com. Club.
Monomark, developed.
English continental editions (& banned).

Literary propositions:

Monthly 5.00 edition here.
Translation of plays (AVL).
Shakespeare in parts (?).
Translations into English.
Review (O . or other) to fix matters.

Personal, to consider (?):

JMB / DR. and Vand.
Place in C. P. P.
Bookshop, etc., with MMH.

Lista datilografada.