BNP 48-40 a 41

c. 1919-1920


1. Road-mending concern (obtain data).
2. Tobacco Monopoly (ob tain data).
3. My idea of THE transaction (obtain data).
4. Businesses like Ameri ca’s (data to each)
5. A solid firm, with for food supplies to the MM and A bastecimentos, or also for other, pri vate, concerns. If Coal firm also, this would be excellent.
6. Businesses (credit) P. A. M.
7. (if unsold).
8. Note to (5): Cetteu, whereas New fundamentals .
9. Export business of several facts — best thing a special firm for the pur pose of doing all businesses of this kind through them.
10. Directory-patent or otherwise.
11. Dictionary-patent or otherwise.
12. “Great Anthology”
13. “Political Suffrage”
14. “Anarchist Banker”.
15. Minimum Conser vative Program – if there is time for it.
16. Coal Agency for same firm here, of the kind with substantial references. – Perhaps coal and steel firm.
17. Cosmopolis, or an international or ganization.

Lista manuscrita.

  • Titel

    • Anarchist Banker
    • Great Anthology
    • Political Suffrage