BNP 48-40 a 41

c. 1919-1920


1. Road-mending concern (obtain data).
2. Tobacco Monopoly (obtain data).
3. My idea of THE transaction (obtain data).
4. Businesses like America’s (data to each)
5. A solid firm, with for food supplies to the MM and Abastecimentos, or also for other, private, concerns. If Coal firm also, this would be excellent.
6. Businesses (credit) P. A. M.
7. (if unsold).
8. Note to (5): Cetteu, whereas New fundamentals .
9. Export business of several facts — best thing a special firm for the purpose of doing all businesses of this kind through them.
10. Directory-patent or otherwise.
11. Dictionary-patent or otherwise.
12. “Great Anthology”
13. “Political Suffrage”
14. “Anarchist Banker”.
15. Minimum Conservative Program – if there is time for it.
16. Coal Agency for same firm here, of the kind with substantial references. – Perhaps coal and steel firm.
17. Cosmopolis, or an international organization.

Lista manuscrita.

  • Titel

    • Anarchist Banker
    • Great Anthology
    • Political Suffrage