BNP 93A-58r

c. 1919

Five Epistles to the BoeotiansFernando Pessoa. (5 nos. )
The Strange Death of Professor Antena Mario de Sá-Carneiro. (1)
Opiary , Triumphal Ode , Naval Ode Alvaro de Campos. (1, 2 or 3).
Portuguese Anthology (beginning with extracts, text and transla-
tions, from the Cancioneiros, and then throughout Portuguese
both prose and poetic literature). (several nos.)
A Engommadeira” – José de Almada-Negreiros. (1 or 2 nos). (?)
Catullo da Paixão Cearense. (trans. perh. w. text) (several nos ?)
A Man’s DeathJoaquim Leitão. (1 no.)
(Religions of Lusitania).
(Part in the War, writ down with absolute frankness).
(The Problem of Spanish Galicia — by someone APG will obtain)
(The Catalonian problem – by someone from Barcelona ) (Or, per-
haps, two articles, one on each side of the question, pre-
ceded by an explanation of why a paper called P deals
with a Spanish matter).
Columbus a Galician. (The details concerning the “Genoa” myth)
(Examine, however, other details concerning the Beja, or
something like it, thesis).
Editorial article on SP and on his presidency, perhaps a succint
exposition of S do S; or an article on the Political Situa-
tion in Portugal
Octavio” (A Play in three acts) – Victoriano Braga. (1 no. )
The Horoscope of Portugal .
The Myth of King Sebastian .
Personal Jokes./ (Jokes about Portuguese personalities or by
them, from Bocage and Dr. Assis to really decent people).
Objectionable Personalia. (Scandal...)

Lista datilografada, publicada em Pessoa Inédito (1993, 217-218).

  • Namen

    • Alfredo Pedro Guisado
    • Bocage
    • Cristóvão Colombo
    • D. Sebastião
    • Dr. Assis
    • Fernando Pessoa
    • Joaquim Leitão
    • José de Almada Negreiros
    • Mário de Sá-Carneiro
    • Professor Antena
    • Sidónio Pais
    • Vitoriano Braga
    • Álvaro de Campos


    • A Engommadeira
    • A Man’s Death
    • article on the Political Situa tion in Portugal
    • Catullo da Paixão Cearense
    • Columbus a Galician
    • Editorial article on Sidonio Pais and on his presidency
    • Five Epistles to the Boeotians
    • Naval Ode
    • Objectionable Personalia
    • Octavio
    • Opiary
    • Part in the War
    • Personal Jokes
    • Portuguese Anthology
    • Religions of Lusitania
    • The Catalonian problem
    • The Horoscope of Portugal
    • The Myth of King Sebastian
    • The Problem of Spanish Galicia
    • The Strange Death of Professor Antena
    • Triumphal Ode