BNP 748r

c. 1919-1920

GCP — scheme of organization.

To obtain per month from 5 to 10 contos; either amount
would cover (save for better staff and wider propa-
ganda in the second case) a definite scheme of action.

This could be obtained on the basis of monthly subscrip-
tions of 20, 10 or even 5 escudos (250, 500, 1000)
(500, 1000, 2000).

Propaganda historica e cultural:
(1) directa
(2) indirecta
Propaganda commercial.
Propaganda de turismo.

--- Manner of obtaining the money:

1st. stage: take this up with the Commercial and Indus-
trial Associations;
2nd. stage: take this up personally with the Banks and
bigger Firms;
3rd. stage: complete by circulars throughout the country.

--- Staff:

1. A director or manager of the services.
x 2. A German translator (extra-staff).
x 3. An Italian translator (extra-staff).
x 4. Other translators.
5. A sort of sub-director or sub-manager.
6. A typist.
7. An office employee.
8. An office-boy.

Lista datilografada.