BNP 726r


A series like the R. R. A.
Cheap Reprints. (format

J. B. Bury : History of Freedom
of Thought
J. Melah : of
A. W. Benn :
Ancient Philosophy.
Modern Philosophy.

Type of Book:

RPA reprints type, but larger,
smaller (one-sheet type
down) — about 32 to 48 pages.
Cf. Ch. Nodier’s tale in two columms.
Cf. “In Extenso” collection

Lista manuscrita.

  • Nomes

    • A. W. Benn
    • Charles Nodier
    • J. B. Bury
    • J. Melah


    • Ancient Philosophy
    • History of Freedom of Thought
    • In Extenso
    • Modern Philosophy