BNP 181r

c. 1931

Cancioneiro, liv. I a V.
Poemas completos de Alberto Caeiro.
Livro do Desasocego.

Theoria do Suffragio Politico.

The Mouth of Hell. { } J. S. B.
The Double Issue.

Three Pessimists.
? The GreatFamous Sonnets of /the World/.
(one from each author)
Tho. Russell.
Felix Arvers.
Blanco White.
C. Pessanha.
Angelo de Lima.
Fr. Thom.
Fr. For. de S. Boaventura.
Edgar Poe.
Jekyll and Hyde.

Some are not celebrated outside the
language they were written in, but it
is enough that they were celebrated there.

Lista manuscrita, publicada em A Educação do Stoico (2007, 64).

  • Nomes

    • Alberto Caeiro
    • Camilo Pessanha
    • Dr. Jekyll
    • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Francis Thompson
    • Frei Fortunato de São Boaventura
    • Félix Arvers
    • Joseph Blanco White
    • José de Espronceda
    • Sr. Hide
    • Thomas Russell
    • Ângelo de Lima


    • Cancioneiro, livros I a V
    • Espronceda
    • Jekyll and Hyde
    • Livro do Desasocego
    • Poemas completos de Alberto Caeiro
    • Tempest
    • The Double Issue
    • The Famous Sonnets of the World
    • The Mouth of Hell
    • Theoria do Suffragio Politico
    • Three Pessimists