Editors and Managers of the Project

  • Pedro Sepúlveda (2014-, NOVA University Lisbon)
    editorial coordination, edition of the editorial projects and the works published in lifetime, notes
  • Ulrike Henny-Krahmer (2014-, University of Rostock)
    coordination DH, data modeling, TEI encoding, XSLT, XQuery
  • Jorge Uribe (2014-, EAFIT-University)
    edition of the works published in lifetime, dating and transcription of editorial lists, notes

Staff Members

  • Inês Rebelo do Carmo (2020-, NOVA University Lisbon)
    TEI encoding, review of transcriptions, modernization of the spelling
  • Fernanda Alvares Freire (2023-, University of Rostock)
    database development (eXist & XQuery)
  • Erik Renz (2022-, University of Rostock)
    content and image management, documentation

Former Staff Members

  • Ben Bigalke (2014-2019, University of Cologne)
    database development (eXist & XQuery)
  • Ana Leonor Branco (2015, NOVA University Lisbon)
    TEI encoding, review of transcriptions
  • Sviatoslav Drach (2014-2016, University of Cologne)
    data conversion, image management, TEI encoding, XSLT
  • Isabel Figueiredo-Iken (2014-2015, University of Cologne)
    TEI encoding
  • Filipa Freitas (2014, NOVA University Lisbon)
    transcription of editorial lists
  • Maria José Galeano (2020-2022, EAFIT-University)
    TEI encoding, review of transcriptions
  • Alena Geduldig (2014-2015, University of Cologne)
    programming (XQuery, XSLT)
  • Pablo Javier Pérez López (2014-2015, NOVA University Lisbon)
    collecting and transcription of editorial lists and of poetry published in lifetime
  • Christian Theisen (2014-2015, University of Cologne)
    website design, HTML, CSS

Consultation and Cooperation

  • António Feijó (University of Lisbon)
  • Franz Fischer (Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing)
  • Fernando Cabral Martins (NOVA University Lisbon)
  • Patrick Sahle (Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing)
  • Richard Zenith

Promotion and Financing

  • FCT (PTDC/CPC-ELT/4587/2012)
  • CCeH/UoC (2014-2016)
  • IELT (funded by National Funds through FCT, UIDB/00657/2020 and UIDP/00657/2020)
  • NFDI Text+ (2023)
Sepúlveda, Pedro, Ulrike Henny-Krahmer, and Jorge Uribe (eds). Digital Edition of Fernando Pessoa. Projects and Publications . Lisbon and Cologne: IELT, New University of Lisbon and CCeH, University of Cologne 2017-2022. Version 2.0. <http://www.pessoadigital.pt/en/project/team>. DOI: 10.18716/cceh/pessoa.