The web application and the corpus of the Digital Edition of Fernando Pessoa are versioned separately. Both parts of the digital edition are organized in GitHub repositories:

For each new version, new releases of these repositories are created and described on GitHub and archived via Zenodo. The versions are numbered according to the following scheme: [major version number (Mv)], [minor version number (mv)], [revision number (rv)].

For the web application, this scheme is followed in accordance with the conventions for software versioning: the major version number indicates significant changes to the program, the minor version number indicates functional enhancements to the program and the revision number indicates minor changes, in particular bug fixes. For the corpus repository, the major version number indicates a substantial expansion of the corpus content, the minor version number indicates additions of individual texts or certain types of data (e.g., additional export formats, register data or types of encoding) and the revision number indicates changes to individual passages in the texts/data or the encoding, in particular to correct errors. The version is, thus, defined according to the following model, in which A refers to the web application and C to the corpus: A[Mv].[mv].[rv]-C[Mv].[mv].[rv].

The current version is: A3.0.0-C2.1.0

Sepúlveda, Pedro, Ulrike Henny-Krahmer, and Jorge Uribe (eds). Digital Edition of Fernando Pessoa. Projects and Publications . Lisbon and Cologne: IELT, New University of Lisbon and CCeH, University of Cologne 2017-2024. Version A3.0.0-C2.1.0 <http://www.pessoadigital.pt/en/project/versions>. DOI: 10.18716/cceh/pessoa.